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Contact Organizer Deluxe is a very comprehensive contact managing software application that will allow you to keep detailed records of all your business and personal contacts. This program relies on the use of databases to store and manage your data, allowing you to create a new database for each group of contacts.

In the program's main window, you will find a useful toolbar full of interesting features. A peculiarity of this program is that you can load a "help" database (recommended by the program itself) which contains helpful information and a number of tips that you should read and understand before starting to use Contact Organizer Deluxe intensively. In that toolbar you will find a "Load" button to open any existing DBF database. Once you have successfully loaded a database, you can use the "Find" and "Replace" buttons to locate specific strings in any of the fields and replace them with new ones. "Table" opens the "Table Viewer", where you can get a grid view of all the records in the table and edit any of the fields. "New" easily adds a new contact to your database, while "Print" allows you to choose among different report types (including labels). Finally, the "HTML" option will take you to a very useful HTML report generator.

The program includes several sample databases that you can easily edit using real contact information instead of starting from scratch. Among the fields you will find useful for your contacts I should mention the name, the person's title, the line of business, the home, fax and cell phone numbers, the e-mail address, the website, and many more. Besides that, you can of course define your own fields, and even keep a detailed log of all your conversations and other information related to the person in question - thus, you will not miss any detail when talking to him or her again. Finally, all the contact's information appears in a categorized view, allowing you to locate specific data more quickly.

Contact Organizer Deluxe is a very good program that will turn out very useful for anyone who needs to keep detailed information about his or her contacts, especially if they are numerous.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Includes a helpful database with useful information and tips
  • Allows you to keep very detailed information about your contacts
  • Allows you to generate different types of reports to view or print, including labels


  • 30-day trial
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